Ezra Miller wins offensive line MVP honors at the Opening in San Francisco

Photo courtesy of Ezra Miller Twitter profile.

By Tyler Devine

IOWA CITY, Iowa - During the Nike Opening regional in San Francisco this weekend, nobody was better than Ezra.

And for 2019 Iowa offensive line commit Ezra Miller, no place is better than home.

Miller, a three-star prospect, earned most valuable player honors at the offense line position during the event.

The native of Holstein, Iowa enjoyed the competitive nature of the event, but a few days in the Bay Area was enough or him.

“It was fun and competitive,” Miller said. “San Francisco was a cool place too, but I wouldn’t ever like to be there for any extended period of time.”

The 6-foot-7, 310-pound Miller feels like by winning MVP honors, he was making a good name for himself and his home state.

Miller also got good feedback from the coaches at the event on how he can improve his game.

“It was awesome,” Miller said. “It felt like I was really representing Iowa well.

“The coaches were great. They have me a lot of good stuff to take home and work on.”

And if there was any doubt as to whether or not Miller prefers rural Iowa to life in the big city, it can now be put to rest.

“Just (being around) a different culture, new things I hadn’t seen before and the city was cool too,” Miller said. “But the people are just different from us in the Midwest.

“It’s way too crowded and just not my kind of place. Plus, driving up and down the hills constantly made me feel sick. I definitely couldn’t deal with that on a daily basis.”